Weight Loss

The Chia Seed has a unique ability to absorb up to 14 times it's weight in water.  Add one part Chia seed to nine parts water and in 15 minutes time the water will have become a chia gel.  Whether you chose to drink the gel or eat the seeds as a garnish or cooked in a meal it will give you a sense of being full as it expands in your stomach.

You will stay full longer and all the nutrition that the Chia seed offers will result in an overall healthier body and more energy to stay and be more active.

The chia seed slows down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates in the system, so you stay satisfied for longer, without peaks in blood sugar. Feeling full for longer, without peaks and lows in energy, will certainly lead to weight loss

As chia goes through your system it acts like a broom, cleaning out your intestines as it goes on its way. This helps clean the body of toxins, as well as food stuff which may be slow to pass through, like meats and dairy.

With Chia Seeds you may find that you won`t get so many cravings for chocolate, pizza and ice-cream because your body is cleaner and just doesn`t desire such foods.

1LB bag of Brooks Premium Chia Seed
One Month's Supply
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